In order to connect safeguardmy to your Xero system, we need you to authorise this connection.

By following the steps below, you will successfully setup the connection and allow us to backup your systems.

Within Backbone if the Application Tab is visible you still need to complete these steps. This tab will disapeer at the point a successful connection has been setup.

01. FreeAgent Start

Click on the Xero buttons as displayed above.

You may need to ensure pop-ups are allowed with your browser.

The next screen that should be displayed is the one below which is provided by Xero. Complete this form with your Xero login details.

Xero Login

With a successful login, the following screen will be displayed.

This is the authorisation for safeguardmy (Business Backbone) to  access your Xero system.

Once you have clicked Approve the process will be completed. You will be returned into safeguardmy.

Xero Authorise

In the top right corner of safeguardmy you should see that the configured application will now display Xero and the application configuration tab will have gone.

Xero Configured